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Astronaut Walter Cunningham, 1st crewed Apollo flight member, dies: 8 details | World News


Previous US astronaut Walter Cunningham, who flew to place aboard Apollo 7 in 1968 on the inaugural crewed Apollo mission, died at the age of ninety, NASA mentioned. The flight paved the way for the 1st human moon landing 9 months afterwards. Walter Cunningham was joined by crewmates Walter Schirra and Donn Eisele on the eleven-working day mission. The mission which was carried out in lower-Earth orbit.

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Below are 8 details on Walter Cunningham:

1. Walter Cunningham’s flight marked the 1st human examination of the new Apollo spacecraft.

2. Walter Cunningham was the previous surviving member of the Apollo 7 crew. Mission commander Schirra, 1 of the authentic “Mercury 7” astronauts, and command module pilot Eisele, died in 2007 and 1987, respectively.

3. Walter Cunningham was the flight’s specified lunar module pilot and was dependable for all spacecraft programs besides start and navigation.

4. The Apollo 7 blasted off on Oct eleven, 1968.

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5. Ahead of the mission, Walter Cunningham experienced been the backup lunar module pilot for the Apollo 1 mission, and was on the key crew for Apollo 2 as effectively till it was canceled.

6. Apollo 7 supplied the 1st stay tv transmission of onboard crew pursuits. But none of the a few astronauts on the mission went to place all over again.

7. The mission was regarded as a specialized good results for proving the abilities and integrity of programs that would have Apollo eleven in July 1969 for the historic 1st moon walks by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Excitement” Aldrin.

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8. “Walt Cunningham was a fighter pilot, physicist and an entrepreneur – but, over all, he was an explorer,” NASA Administrator Monthly bill Nelson mentioned.


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