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Biden suggests ‘we’re gonna acquire treatment of it’ in very first remarks on Chinese spy balloon


President Joe Biden informed reporters on Saturday that the United States would “acquire treatment” of the Chinese spy balloon that is currently being monitored by the Pentagon.

When requested if the U.S. govt would shoot down the balloon, Biden explained “we will acquire treatment of it,” but did not elaborate on what actions would be taken subsequent, in accordance to Fox News. The remark broke the president’s silence on a matter that has captured the awareness of thousands and thousands.


The balloon was in the beginning claimed about Billings, Montana, but has given that transformed program. Stories claimed the balloon was about Kansas Town, Missouri, on Friday evening. But was about the Carolinas by Saturday early morning.

The Pentagon declared it was checking a Chinese surveillance balloon about Billings on Thursday night, but it experienced been checking the balloon for a number of times. Biden was notified of the balloon, which invaded U.S. airspace, on Tuesday. A next balloon was identified about Latin The usa on Friday.

China has tried to dismiss the balloon as a “civilian weather conditions balloon,” but U.S. intelligence officers have turned down the narrative, and explained it thinks equally balloons are accumulating surveillance.

Customers of Congress, in particular Republicans, have urged the administration to shoot the balloon down. The Pentagon nonetheless claimed there was far too a lot of a chance of civilian damage to justify capturing it down, even about sparsely populated locations like in Montana.

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), the prime Democrat on the Household Intelligence Committee, explained he would relatively individual the balloon “intact” than choose up the charred continues to be if it was shot down.

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