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GOP senator will not assist gun violence reduction invoice until finally he sees textual content



A single Republican explained he thinks most things in a proposed gun violence reduction invoice are “unobjectionable,” but he will not say in which he stands until finally there is textual content to chat about.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) explained to Shannon Bream on Sunday that he’s astonished there has not been any difficult documentation to occur out of the conversations to deal with gun violence. A 7 days immediately after twenty Democrats and Republicans explained they experienced a framework to deal with gun violence, lawmakers even now really do not have any created proposal, Lee explained.

“The problem that we have right here is that we do not have a invoice,” Lee explained. “I individually refuse to suggest no matter whether I — or how I will vote on a invoice until finally immediately after I have observed the textual content, mainly because there are a ton of issues that can go incorrect in laws.”


The team of twenty senators introduced they experienced an arrangement on a invoice that would consist of actions to fund psychological well being solutions, enrich qualifications checks for gun prospective buyers, raise college assets, and apply crimson flag regulations. Lee explained these concepts and some others mentioned by the bipartisan team seem good, but there is not a distinct definition about what some of these proposals entail with out a created invoice.

“Now, I know there is certainly some invoice textual content that is most likely been created,” Lee explained. “But on the most contentious, controversial, most likely impactful provisions, there is no language. With no that language, you can not determine no matter whether it is Okay.”

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Transferring ahead with out acquiring a textual content to assessment would be unsafe, Lee explained.

“The crucial point right here is, you have to be watchful every time anything like this occurs that we not legislate beneath the warmth of the second, beneath good emotion, with out searching at the textual content and figuring out what we are carrying out,” Lee explained. “We will need to be watchful that we not punish regulation-abiding People in america for the wrongs carried out by the criminally minded and the crazy.”

Original polling on answers proposed by the bipartisan team indicates folks are supportive of the proposed actions. Bream reeled off some of the Fox polling to Lee, mentioning that much more than eighty% of voters approve of increased qualifications checks, shifting the authorized age for buying an AR-model semiautomatic weapon from eighteen to 21, and employing crimson flag regulations.

Even so, although poll respondents may possibly be supportive, there is even now key opposition from some Republicans.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the direct Republican in the bipartisan negotiations, felt the wrath of his constituents final 7 days for his purpose in the conversations. When he appeared at a Texas Republican Celebration conference on Friday, he was greeted by boos.

Some folks chanted, “No crimson flags,” and, “Don’t consider our guns,” in accordance to some stories.


While Lee is hesitant to line up driving the bipartisan team, Senate Minority Chief Mitch McConnell (R-KY) explained final 7 days that he supports the bipartisan framework. Even so, McConnell’s backing is contingent on the bill’s textual content lining up with the bipartisan group’s proposals.

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“If the laws finishes up reflecting what the framework signifies,” McConnell explained, “I’ll be supporting it.”



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