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Quite penny: How your point out quarter could be worthy of up to $fifty five




Check out your quarters, you could be keeping on to a piece of silver worthy of $fifty five.

Condition cash that had been minted from 1999 to 2008 are worthy of much more than their deal with worth as the desire for treasured metals has been raising. Some are ninety% silver in comparison to a larger share of copper and nickel. The worth modifications based on the latest value of silver.

The worth differs by point out, but the priciest edition is Pennsylvania at $fifty five, adopted by Connecticut at $fifty. Ga is worthy of $forty eight. Silver evidence cash are marked with an S, indicating San Francisco Mint, and have a a little various edge.

Other cash marked D for Denver Mint and P for Philadelphia Mint are worthy of significantly less, but there are exceptions. An uncirculated Denver Mint Wisconsin quarter could be worthy of $one hundred if you come across one particular with added leaves on its corn cob layout, in accordance to the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve. Other estimates location it at $one hundred seventy five.


Even though most persons will not come across the silver-evidence edition, other point out quarters have some worth.

KTLA News designed a chart that reveals the worth of every single point out quarter, based on wherever it was minted. It reveals that Ga, Delaware, and Pennsylvania D and P cash are worthy of $3.fifty, even though the least expensive worth is $1 in a handful of states.

The Mint struck some S cash that had been a reduce silver quality, and people are worthy of an typical of $7.03. Ohio cash are worthy of the most at $fifteen, in accordance to Coin Trackers. The least expensive-priced S cash are $4 for Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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Condition quarters in mint problem are worthy of an typical of $1.seventy one every single, with the worth altering based on the latest value of silver.