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Russia Ukraine conflict: US President Biden announces $800 million value of defence assistance to Ukraine | World News


Washington: Several hours following Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky manufactured an impassioned plea for higher assistance in an tackle to the United States, President Joe Biden introduced armed service support value $800 million to Ukraine, using defence assistance to Ukraine in the previous 7 days by yourself to more than a billion pounds.

But even though praising Zelensky’s speech as “convincing and significant”, in the experience of brutal aggression, Biden did not heed Zelensky’s attractiveness to impose a no-fly zone or give fighter jets — actions that the US considers would be considered escalatory by Russia and have the prospective to widen the conflict and drag NATO into a immediate conflict.

Terming Russian President Vladimir Putin’s steps in Ukraine as an “outrage to the world”, and reiterating that the world will continue being united and make Putin shell out a “very weighty price”, Biden mentioned that what was at stake have been ideas that the US and the United Nations stand for.

“It is about flexibility, correct of persons to decide their very own potential. It is about creating certain that Ukraine will by no means, by no means, be a victory for Putin, no make any difference what developments he tends to make on the battlefield.”

Biden mentioned that American persons have been responding to Zelensky’s attractiveness for “more enable, much more weapons, and much more tools” to protect alone. Biden introduced a new deal of added $800 million in “unprecedented” safety support. This would get the type of immediate transfers of devices from Pentagon to the Ukrainian armed service.

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The US President mentioned his place has currently presented $650 million value of support to Ukraine just before the war started, and an added $350 million value of support following the war started, and that these experienced served Ukraine inflicts expenses on the Russian armed service.

In accordance to a White Household factsheet, the new safety deal involves 800 Stinger anti-plane programs to protect the Ukrainian air area 2000 Javelin, a thousand light-weight anti-armory weapons, and 6000 AT-4 anti-armour programs one hundred tactical unmanned aerial programs one hundred grenade launchers, 5000 rifles, a thousand pistols, four hundred equipment guns and four hundred shotguns more than twenty million rounds of little arms ammunition and grenade launcher and mortar rounds twenty five,000 sets of human body armour and twenty five,000 helmets.

Warning that this could be a very long struggle, Biden reiterated that the US will keep on to assist Ukraine militarily, supply humanitarian support, give immediate money support, and get steps to weaken Putin’s placement. “We are heading to keep the training course..Enable there be no question. The us stands with the forces of flexibility.”


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