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Sikhs, Jews most qualified religion teams for dislike crimes in US: A search at quantities | World News



Sikhs and Jews were being the two most qualified spiritual teams in the dislike-enthusiastic criminal offense in the US in 2021, in accordance to the yearly compilation of nationwide incidents by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A overall of 1,005 dislike crimes connected to faith were being claimed in 2021, the FBI claimed.

The most significant classes of faith-dependent criminal offense involved anti-Jewish incidents at 31.9 for each cent adopted by anti-Sikh incidents at 21.3 for each cent. Anti-Muslims accounted for 9.5 for each cent of faith-dependent dislike crimes. Anti-Catholic incidents accounted for 6.1 for each cent and anti-Japanese Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other) for 6.5 for each cent.

All round, legislation enforcement organizations claimed 7,262 overall incidents and 9,024 victims, demonstrating that dislike crimes continue to be a issue for communities throughout the place, the FBI claimed. The total variety of organizations reporting diminished to eleven,834, from fifteen,138 in 2021, so knowledge can’t reliably be in comparison throughout yrs, it claimed.

In accordance to the FBI knowledge for the calendar year 2021, sixty four.8 for each cent of victims were being qualified simply because of the offenders’ bias in direction of race/ethnicity/ancestry, which carries on to be the most significant bias enthusiasm group.

Anti-Black or African American dislike crimes continue on to be the most significant bias incident group, with sixty three.2 for each cent of all solitary-bias incidents in 2021. Also, anti-Asian incidents represented 4.3 for each cent of incidents claimed in 2021.

The other most significant classes of dislike crimes incorporate anti-Hispanic or Latino incidents, with 6.1 for each cent of incidents, and anti-White incidents, with thirteen.4 for each cent of incidents.

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