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Prime 5 most stunning revelations given that the commence of the Depp v. Listened to demo



(*4*)The substantial-profile demo involving renowned exes Amber Listened to and Johnny Depp proceeded this 7 days with the actor continuing to dispute his ex-wife’s allegations of domestic violence for the duration of their connection, which lasted around 5 many years.

Depp’s $fifty million defamation fit towards his ex-spouse commenced practically two months back with explosive testimonies, video clip and audio recordings, and textual content messages.

Right here are the prime 5 highlights given that the demo commenced in situation you’ve got skipped it.

5. Specifics about Depp’s childhood and relatives existence

The actor went into depth about how his father would self-control him, usually by using what he known as “whippings” with a belt. Depp’s sister and company companion Christi Dembrowski was known as as a witness to validate that both equally their mother and father had been abusive, with their mom usually referring to them by cruel nicknames this sort of as “cockeye” and “bucktooth.”


Depp blamed his material abuse issues on his upbringing, telling the jury that he commenced attempting his mother’s “nerve tablets” at the age of eleven. By the age of fifteen, Depp claimed he’d carried out “all the medication I am knowledgeable of.”

A couple’s counselor for Depp and Listened to, Dr. Laurel Anderson, testified that Heard’s father abused her during her childhood.

4. Proof of human feces on their mattress

A photograph of human feces on a mattress was introduced in courtroom as proof. A female who labored for Depp took the photograph and despatched it to him whilst he was absent.

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“My first reaction to that was — I indicate, I laughed. It was so exterior — it was so strange and so grotesque that I could only giggle,” Depp claimed on the stand.

“She tried using to blame it on the pet dogs,” Depp claimed of the time when he confronted Listened to about it. “They are teacup Yorkies. They are 7 lbs every.”

3. The complete tale guiding Depp’s severed finger

Depp went into depth about the working day he experienced to check out an crisis home immediately after severing portion of his center finger. He claimed Listened to threw a bottle and a deal with of vodka at him for relapsing immediately after making an attempt sobriety.

“The next bottle produced get in touch with and shattered in all places,” Depp claimed. “I felt warmth, as if a thing had been dripping down my hand. I seemed down and understood the idea of my finger experienced been severed.”

“It seemed like Vesuvius.”

2. Listened to admitted to hitting Depp

Amid her assault allegations towards her ex-spouse, Listened to admitted to a partners counselor that she was responsible of commencing violent fights. She produced the admission to Depp as properly in audio recordings.

“I did not punch you,” Listened to states in just one recording. “I am sorry I did not strike you throughout the confront in a right slap. I was hitting you — it was not punching you.”

Dr. Anderson also verified that Listened to was usually the 1st to turn into violent in fights, in accordance to personal counseling classes she experienced with the actress.

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“A whole lot of points cause her,” Anderson claimed. “And if she’s induced, she would strike him 1st.”

For instance, she claimed, if Depp produced a go to depart a home in get to “deescalate the battle, (*7*) would strike him to maintain him there.”

1. Heard’s sexual assault allegations

For the 1st time given that Listened to arrived out with her allegations of domestic violence, Heard’s lawyers uncovered that Depp also abused her sexually. Legal professional Elaine Charlson Bredehoft produced the allegations for the duration of the 1st working day of the demo.

“He has her jammed up towards the bar,” Bredehoft informed the jury for the duration of opening statements. “He has hurled bottles and bottles at her. He has dragged her throughout the flooring on the damaged bottles. He has punched her. He has kicked her. He has informed her he’s likely to f***ing destroy her, and he f***ing hates her. He’s pounding at her, pounding at her. And then, he penetrates her with a liquor bottle.”

Depp is suing Listened to for defamation about a 2018 op-ed in the Washington Article whereby, he states, she implied that Depp was a domestic abuser.



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