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UNSC resolution versus Russia’s Ukraine invasion: Who voted for, who abstained | World News



Russia vetoed a UN Safety Council resolution that deplored the country’s aggression versus Ukraine “in the strongest terms” and identified as for unconditional withdrawal of its troops from Ukrainian territory. With Moscow’s veto energy as a lasting member of the Safety Council, the resolution was constantly doomed to fall short. The discussion and subsequent voting, nevertheless, held importance presented the strategic partnership of some users with Russia.

“Enable me make one particular matter crystal clear. Russia, you can veto this resolution, but you can not veto our voices, you can not veto the real truth, you can not veto our concepts, you can not veto the Ukrainian persons,” US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield mentioned following the vote.

Eleven of the fifteen lasting and non-lasting users voted for the resolution which was co-published by the US and Albania, although 3 international locations abstained.

Several hours in advance of the vote, the textual content of the draft resolution was watered down to obtain a lot more guidance.

The phrase “condemns” was changed by “deplores” and a reference to Chapter 7 of the UN Constitution was deleted. The resolution reaffirmed the determination of members to the sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity of Ukraine in its internationally regarded borders and identified as on events to abide by the Minsk agreements.

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International locations that voted to undertake the movement had been France, Britain, US, Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, Eire, Kenya, Mexico, and Norway. China, India, and United Arab Emirates abstained.

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China’s lasting consultant to the UN, Zhang Jun, advised the Council that the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states must be revered and that the functions and concepts of the UN Constitution must be upheld.”

“Security of one particular nation can not occur at the expense of undermining the safety of other nations…Ukraine must develop into a bridge in between East and West,” Zhang mentioned.

India’s Long term Consultant to the UN Ambassador, T S Tirumurti, urged for the fast cessation of violence and hostilities and pressured the require for dialogue to settle variances and disputes, nevertheless challenging.

It is a make a difference of regret that the route of diplomacy was presented up. We ought to return to it. For all these causes, India has preferred to abstain on this resolution,” Tirumurti mentioned in India’s clarification of vote in the Council.



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