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Enjoy: NASA posts footage of photo voltaic eclipse on Mars


NASA p(*9*)osted footage from the Mars Perseverence Rover on Wednesday, presenting people a glimpse at what a photo voltaic eclipse appears like on Mars.

The Perseverance captured a forty-next clip of Phobos, a single of Mars’s two moons, touring in entrance of the solar on April 2 through its Mastcam-Z digital camera. Although NASA has recorded photo voltaic eclipses in the previous, this was the  “most zoomed-in video clip of a Phobos photo voltaic eclipse but — and at the best-body price at any time,” in accordance to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“I realized it would be great, but I did not assume it to be this wonderful,” claimed Malin Place Science Systems’ Rachel Howson in a assertion.


Though Perseverance despatched reduced-excellent thumbnails of the eclipse ahead of the video’s transmission, it was not till the footage was obtained that NASA’s scientists understood what the rover experienced captured.

“It feels like a birthday or vacation when they get there,” Howson claimed. “You know what is coming, but there is nonetheless an aspect of shock when you get to see the closing item.”

Phobos is appreciably more compact than Earth’s moon, measuring seventeen by fourteen by eleven miles in diameter, and was not major sufficient to trigger a complete eclipse on Mars.

This was not NASA’s initially time capturing a photo voltaic eclipse on Mars. The room company captured time-lapse pics of Phobos with its twin NASA rovers Spirit and Option in 2004. The Curiosity rover captured two other photo voltaic eclipses with its navigation cameras in 2019.

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Although the eclipses are intriguing on their possess, they also aid NASA’s experts recognize the two moons’ connection with Mars and their orbit trajectory.



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